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Review : METRO Group Future Store Initiative

This video is contain about the technology that will make people easier and increasing the device efficiency. The people will never forget to buy some groceries that is needed at home. People will figure and manage the groceries that running out of stock in the fridge. Even when we have arrived in the store, In this case we called it Future Store, we will never need papers for writing all shopping list again, because in this video the customer using the Future Card that can synchronizing the shopping list and the identity of its owner. There are the technologies that showed in the video of Future Store Initiative.

Smart Fridge and Smart Wine Fridge signal
This fridge can scan and save the list of the groceries that running out of stock. I think it will be usefull for the future, because some people usually forget to take down the shopping list and just try to remember groceries needed.

Smart Washing Machine
This Smart WashingMachine will scan all of your type clothes, and it will give you an alert if something deviated, for this case the user put the red sock in this machine, whereas in that machine there are only white clothes.

Electronic Shopping list and Future Card
The Future Card will save the groceries that needed and it will become a list automatically, you will never need a paper to take down your shopping list.

Smart Shelves
The shelves are not too smart, because the shelves still need an employee to add the goods that running out of stock. Maybe for the full Smart Shelves, the shelves have to add the goods by itself.

Smart Information Terminal
This terminal will helping the people to get information, such as recipe, or  information about discount items, and the customers can see the location of the items.

Advertising display
Advertisement in the shelves is very interesting, I think that advertisement display will make customer find that item easier.

Smart Trolley
This trolley is not only able to carry the customer’s goods but also scan what kind of the goods that would put in the trolley by customer automatically and in the screen that related with this trolley will show name, and the price of the items. The customer can check any items that have been taken.

Smart Dressing Room
The customer just have to hang the clothes they want to try, The Smart Dressing Room will scan the model of that clothes, and also the customer’s body. Without having to try these clothes, the customers can see whether the clothes suitable or not.

Smart Mirror
The customer’s face will be photographed and then they can choose the make up that looks fit with them. The customers can also print their photo.

Future Payments Process
When the trolley through the gate, the gate will scaning all of goods in the trolley and also synchronizing with the future card. The payments are also made by the card not with the cash anymore. After the payment is successful, identity that connected with the trolley will logging out and the customer can carry their groceries.

Overall, the technology that was planned by METRO Group is very interesting, and very usefull for the people, that technology will helping the people to buy the groceries needed or buy another goods in the future store. The most of the technology in this video using RFID that automatically identifying and tracking tags attached to objects.

Thank you for Dr. Dewi Agushinta and METRO Group.

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