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Review : Wall-E Movie

I will review about some technology in Wall-E. Wall-E is American film that was produced by PIXAR Animation Studios in 2008. Wall E is a Robot that was created to compressed the trash. The Earth’s condition in this film is shown as a place that is no longer suitable for living in. That conditions made the people choosing to live in the starline that is full with technology. In that starline , For the rest of their lifes are sustain on the robot chairs that was made to fulfill the people needed. That robot chair replace the main function of foot in human body that is Walking. The robot chairs can bringing something, holding something, and there is a hologram screen. The Hologram Screen is used to make the people easier to get the informations and communication with the other people in the short or long distance.

  • The people won’t feel tired of walking for a long time.
  •  The People can get the Information easier with the hologram screen.

  •       It can make the people will be dependent  with Robot chair.
  •            Human’s muscles and foot’s function will decreasing.
  •          Keep at the distance someone who near with you. The People that next to the other people will never bother each other, because they will busy with their hologram screen.

        Besides the robot chair, the technology that become a center of interest in this film is the human’s job such as police, cleaning service, the driver of starline, the driver of transportation, teacher, technicians, and the seller in this film was replaced by robot. Each robot has a censor, this censor use to detecting something that related with the main function of each robot. Every robot in the starline operates and has its own lane based on their job and function.

         In the starline, there is a robot that created to find a plant in the Earth, called Eve.  Eve is the 2nd main character in the Wall E. Eve and Wall-E will deliver the plant to the driver on the starline. Furthermore that starline back to the Earth, the people try to walking with their foot, leave some technology like robot chairs, and make the earth suitable for living in. That’s all of my review, thanks for my teacher 

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